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The Jomtien Golf Society-

SIAMCATS Soi 5 Jomtien



1.  Purpose.

To operate a non profit organization running regular golf tournaments in the Pattaya area under common administration.

2.  Accountability.  

The IPGC Committee is accountable to the members of the IPGC.

3.  Membership of the IPGC.

The IPGC comprises approved societies which recruit members and operate both independent and joint tournaments under common IPGC administration and regulation. Committee members may recruit members irrespective of race, religion, residency, gender, or handicap under a one, two or five  year subscription.

All members have equal rights.

4.  Composition of the IPGC Committee.

The Committee will comprise two members from each approved society elected annually by the respective approved society membership.

            The officers of the IPGC shall be:

            The Chairman.     

            The Honorary Secretary.    

            The Honorary Treasurer.       

            The Handicap and Rules Secretary.

            The Public Relations Manager.          

            The Course Liaison Manager.

            Plus any member deemed to have special abilities that may be of assistance to the Committee.

5.   Authority.  

The IPGC Committee is authorized to:

a.   Elect the officers of the IPGC

b.   Establish, implement, and monitor IPGC policy.

c.   Approve or reject application by societies to join the IPGC.

d.   Remove any society which fails to meet the IPGC standard.

e.   Review and adjust membership subscription.

f.    Approve appropriate expenses of committee members.

g.   Investigate complaint by IPGC members.

h.   Investigate reports of misconduct by IPGC members.

i.   Initiate disciplinary procedure against IPGC members found to have committed misconduct.

j.   Amend these TOR as appropriate.

6.   Primary Tasks of the IPGC Committee.

a.   Organize regular golf tournaments for membership participation under IPGC policy.

b.   Develop a network of approved societies to increase the influence of the IPGC.

c.   Negotiate best terms for the membership through golf course liaison.

d.   Promote uniformity in the application of the Rules of Golf as jointly administered by the Royal and  Ancient and the United States Golf Association supplemented by Local Golf

       Rules and Local IPGC Rules.

e.   Administer handicaps centrally under the CONGU system.

f.   Establish and review IPGC policy.

g.   Monitor approved society compliance with IPGC policy.

h.   Hold regular formal Committee meetings.

 i.   Deal with any complaints in a timely manner.

 j.   Ensure financial propriety by regular review of income and expenditure and maintenance of proper accounts.

k.   Adjust membership subscription as required to meet anticipated expenditure.

7.   Secondary Tasks of the IPGC Committee.   

a.   Liaise with appropriate Organizations to further the interests of the IPGC.

b.   Administer disciplinary procedure.

8. Communication

Many members of the IPGC are not normally resident in Pattaya. This fragments normal  channels and renders General Meetings inappropriate through lack of representation. The Committee will publish the minutes of their meetings on society notice boards and the Web page. Members  should provide feedback through their society organizer who will raise appropriate concerns with the Committee.

21st July 2009