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The Jomtien Golf Society-

SIAMCATS Soi 5 Jomtien

All members will be handicapped using the C.O.N.G.U. system

On joining the IPGC, a member will be provide a previous handicap from their home Club, in their home Country, for the handicap committee to consider as a starting point.

In the absence of a handicap having already been issued by a home Club, the committee will issue a handicap after the member has played in three qualifiying competitions and returned a properly completed card. A handicap will then be issued using the best returned card, having consideration that any score of more than 2 over par, at any hole, shall be amended to 2 over par.

Thereafter a member´s handicap will be adjusted only after having played in a qualifiying competition that appears on the official IPGC Monthly Schedule. All other rounds, for downward revision only, will be considered by the committee under rule 19 of the C.O.N.G.U. system covering general play.

Once a year all current member´s handicaps will be reviewed to ensure ongoing pariety between members.

Should a member suffer any long term injury or illness that they consider adversely affects their ability to play, they may apply to the handicap committee to have their situation reviewed.

On returning from an extended absence from local IPGC competitions, a member should return any handicap that has been issued under their home system for consideration by the handicap committee.

If a member has a handicap, either higher or lower, using any other system other than the C.O.N.G.U. system, than that shown on the current handicap list of the IPGC handicap will take precedence in all qualifiying IPGC Competitions.

IPGC General Committee