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The Jomtien Golf Society-

SIAMCATS Soi 5 Jomtien

Jomtien Golf with the I.P.G.C.

Monday, Jan. 12, Khao Kheow – Stableford

There were 33 players out today and we were allocated the C and A courses, the equal cut in the three divisions being made at 5-14, 15-17 and 18+ in division 3, with 11 cards in each group. Cockney boy Phil Heath, playing off 11, won division 1 with 36 points and Teddy Eddie took second on 33.  Terry Madsen was third two further back, beating Peeka Palmu 18/14 on the back nine. William Chang topped the podium in division 3 with a 22/16 back-nine count back win over Rudi Schaefer, both on 35 points.  Mike Fitzgerald was third four points behind. There were three 31’s returned in division 2 and Harry Vincenzi got the nod for first place over Jerry McCarthy in second and Lindsay Phillips third on a 17/16/14 back-nine count back. Near pins went to (Div.1) Terry Madsen, Morten, Pete Sumner and Chris Voller, an d (Div.2) William Chang, Gerry Cooke and Rudi Schaefer. Lindsay Phillips birdied the A5 to claim a rollover ‘2’s pot.

Wednesday, Jan. 14, Plutaluang - Stableford

We had 12 groups out today on the North and West courses at Plutaluang and managed to get away 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Paul Hartley returned the best score of the day in the three divisions, winning division 2 (15-19) with 36 points and beating Bryan Rought on a amazing 23/14 back nine count back.  Gerry Cooke took third after beating Tim Hake 18/15 on the back nine, both returning scores of 35. In division 1, Ted Lodge beat the ex-London taxi boy Mike Chatt 13/12 on the back six after they both came in with 17 on the back nine and 35 points overall.  Dennis Scougall was third one point behind, beating Terry Madsen and Ian Dallas 19/18/16 on the back nine.In division 3, with a 20+ handicap listing, Mike Fitzgerald with 34 points was top man, one ahead of Alan Bissell in and John Hughes took third on 31. There were five ‘2’s in division 1 from Phil Clereham, Ted Lodge, Bryan Rought, Billy Shepley and Dennis Scougall, and three more in division 2 from John McGarry, Howard Stanley and Ron Walsh. Near pins went to (Div.1) Terry Madsen, Kit Parkington, Billy Shepley and Bryan Rought, and (Div.2) Alan Bissell, Andy Crabb, Mike Fitzgerald and Paul Hartley.

Friday, Jan. 16, Eastern Star - Stableford

We had 40 players out today and teed off 5 minutes behind schedule and with it being very busy here we experienced a four and a half hour plus round. In division 1, with the cut at 8-15, the telephone box boy Dennis Scougall with 3 blobs on the round beat Ted Lodge 17/16 on the back nine as they both came in with 35 points.  Gerry Dooley was third one point behind. Thirty-five points won division 2 honours for Frank Kelly, with Paul Hartley taking second place on 34 and Barry Stirling in third with 32. Howard Stanley claimed the win in division 3 (19+) with 32 points and there were three players on 30 points fighting for second and third place; Mike Fitzgerald beating Andy Galvin and Willy Van Heetvelde on a 17/15/13 back-nine count back. In the ladies competition Herma Fitzgerald scored 38 to take the win, with Verana Suhr in second place on 30. Near pins went to (Div.1) Gerry Dooley (2), Marty Rock and Chris Voller, (Div.2) Joe Kubon, Paul Hartley, Ger Lodge and Eiichi Matsumoto, and (Ladies) Jill Stanley and Verana Suhr.Dennis Scougall chipped in on the par 4, 12th hole for a ‘2’, Chris Voller birdied the 6th in division 2 and Gerry Cooke and Andy Galvin got ‘2’s in the 3rd flight.