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The Jomtien Golf Society-

SIAMCATS Soi 5 Jomtien

Jomtien Golf with the I.P.G.C.

Monday, August 11, Plutaluang – Stableford

We started out today on the North course with the West to follow.  There were six groups with the equal split in the two divisions coming at 9-17 in division 1 and 18+ in division 2. The best score of the day was returned in the top division with Harry Vincenzi winning with 35 points.  Chris Voller came in second, one point behind Harry and Tony Bless took third with 33. Bruce Gardner topped division 2 with 33 points ahead of Alan Bissell in second place with just 29.  Bob Poole is even happier than Alan after taking third place with 27, beating Chris Reed and Miss Nut on a 18/12/10 back nine count back. The greens here today were so slick, probably the fastest we have ever experienced on these two courses in all of the years we have playing here. Near pins went to Tony Bless, Don Head, Ted Lodge, Barney Sheedy, Eiichi Matsumoto, Bob Poole and Bryan Rought (2). Barney Sheedy and Harry Vincenzi both birdied the 6th on the North course to split the top division ‘2’s pot while in division 2 Eiichi and Gary Harrison also shared the spoils.

Wednesday, August 13, Laem Chabang - Stableford

Our first visit back here for some considerable time and as we drove up to the clubhouse the course looked in immaculate condition.  We were playing the C and A nines with six groups out and the equal cut made at 5-16 and 17+. It was very busy here today with a society just in front of us and two following behind, but we teed off bang on time.  It was a tough test out there for everyone and this is reflected in the scores coming in. Steve Richardson won division 1 with 35 points, one ahead of Chris Voller in second and Martin Grimoldby took third on 33. Paul Hartley captured division 2 honours with 35 points as well, while Mark Armstrong was second on 33 and David Phillips is third with 32. Dannie Larson birdied C8 for the only ‘2’ in division 1 while a rollover ensued to Pattaya C.C in division 2. Near were shared among Kevin Blake, Martin Grimoldby, Chris Voller, Paul Hartley and Dannie Larson.

Friday, August 15, Eastern Star - Stableford

There were 29 names down so two divisions out again today, with an identical cut as Wednesday’s. Playing off 28 for the last time, Rodney Howett won division 2 with 38 points, while Chris Reed came in second with 36 and Iain Walsh took, third beating Frank Kelly 20/18 on the back nine after they both came in with 33 points each. An even-par 36 points was enough to secure division 1 bragging rights for Wilf Latham, with Ted Lodge coming second place one point behind and Mikael Andersson third on 34. Ted Lodge birdied the 17th to take a rollover ‘2’s pot in division 1 and become a happy chappy while there were none in division 2. Near pins went to Jeff Cargill, Ted Lodge, Lindsay Phillips, Bryan Rought, Rod Howett, Frank Kelly and Wilf Latham.