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Condo Sleeping Room

well equipped with

 - high-quality ground tiles

 - Air condition with remote maintenance

 - additional Wall Ventilator with remote maintenance opposite the bed

 - King Size bed plant with file and halogen sky light, two auxiliary order consoles with lamps

 - Installation element with large sliding mirror and open cabinet element, seat stool

 - two lockable drawers within the cabinet element

 - 5 doorsinstallation high wardrobe (center section -2 door privately used)

 - left part - lights up open files with opened door with continuous clothes rail, on the left of 2x5

 - in the top additional covers, cushion, reservoir

 - Sideboard with open shelves and two drawers

 - illuminable built-in cabinet element right beside the King Size bed with open glass files and door

 - small top plate with 3 chairs (Sky light), 2 additional chairs

 - sufficiently hand and showering cloths (in the Sideboard)

 - 3 x bedlines with sheet, 2 pillows, large neck role (in bed bed to basing and in the Sideboard)

 - 2 pillows, 1 neck role, 3 blankets, 1 daily cover

 - div. Decoration articles (picture, vases, art flowers)

 - 4 let in halogen cover emitters